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Regional Brewer Calibration Center - Europe
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Latest RBCC-E News

The TENTH INTERCOMPARISON CAMPAIGN OF THE REGIONAL BREWER CALIBRATION CENTER-EUROPE (RBCC-E) and COST ACTION ES1207 EUBREWNET CAMPAIGN will be held at El Arenosillo Atmospheric Sounding Station (Huelva, Spain) during the period May 26 to June 05, 2015.

All participants are requested to contact the campaign coordinators and fill in the registration form and Internet Access. Please confirm your participation before April 15, 2015.

Detailed Information Here.

RBCC-E Activities. Work in progress

Past RBCC-E Intercomparison Campaigns

As a Regional Brewer Calibration Center for RA-VI region, RBCC-E performs regular intercomparison campaigns in Europe, mainly taking place in Central and South Europe. We provide for each of the participant instrument an ozone calibration report, linked below.

Event Description Date Calibration Reports
Arosa 2014 (Switzerland) Intercomparison Campaign Summer 2014 Aro2014
Arenosillo 2013 (Spain) Intercomparison Campaign Summer 2013 Are2013
Izana2012 Langley - Intercomparison campaign Autumn 2012 Izaña2012
Arosa2012 (Switzerland) Intercomparison Campaign Summer 2010 Aro2012
Izana2011 Langley - Intercomparison Campaign Autumn 2011 Izaña2011
Arenosillo 2011 (Spain) Intercomparison Campaign Summer 2011 Are2011
Nordic campaign 2011 Intercomparison Campaign Spring 2011 Sdk2011
Arosa 2010 (Switzerland) Intercomparison Campaign Summer 2010 Aro2010
Arenosillo 2009 (Spain) Intercomparison Campaign Summer 2009 Are2009
Arosa 2008 (Switzerland) Intercomparison Campaign Summer 2008 Aro2008

RBCC-E Programmed activities

Future RBCC-E Intercomparison Campaigns

Recently, the Regional Brewer Calibration Center for Europe, RBCC-E, has became involved in the European Space Agency (ESA) project named CEOS Intercalibration of Ground-Based Spectrometers and Lidars. Below are the programmed activities for the current year.

Event Description Date
El Arenosillo 2015 Brewer Intercomparison Spring 2015


The Brewer Triad

Calibrations of Brewer spectrophotometers for total ozone observations can be performed either by intercomparisons towards a reference instrument (the most frequent method) or by absolute calibration using Langley plot method (feasible only at specific locations). The world Brewer calibration scale is defined by the Triad of Brewer instruments maintained by MSC (Meteorological Service of Canada) in Toronto. Each Brewer of the Triad is calibrated absolutely at the Mauna Loa Observatory, Hawaii (MLO). Instruments in the world network are routinely calibrated by comparisons with travelling references, outside of Canada mostly by the Brewer 017 operated by the International Ozone Service - a Canadian commercial company. Brewer 017 is regularly checked towards the reference Triad.

In November 2003 the WMO/GAW Regional Calibration Center for RA-VI region (RBCC-E) has been establish at the Observatory Izaña of AEMET, Canary Islands (IZO). RBCC-E owns a full calibration and reference-maintenace equipment composed by three Brewer spectroradiometers (The IZO Triad): a Regional Primary Reference (Brewer 157), a Regional Secondary Reference (Brewer 185) and a Regional Travelling Reference (Brewer 183) which can be transported for calibration campaigns outside IZO. Besides, an Optics Laboratory is available for indoors calibrations as well as equipment tests.


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Iberonesia is a Network of Brewer Spectroradiometers covering the North Macaronesian and the Iberian Peninsula area. Continuous monitoring and study of spectral UV and total Ozone column as well as satellite validation are the main purposes of this project. The area spans from 30W to 3E in longitude and 28N to 44N in Latitude, covering more than 60000 km2

Three institutions from Spain and Portugal collaborate in this project providing a total of 11 Brewer Spectroradiometers, namely:

Agencia Estatal de Meteorología (Spain) (7 Stations)
Instituto de Meteorologia (Portugal) (3 Stations)
Instituto Nacional de Técnica Aeroespacial (Spain) (1 Station)

You can track the IBERONESIA Brewers at the Iberonesia Network Monitor.

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